Our Mission

Who We Are

Star Trek Unlimited is a small collective of Star Trek fans with particular skill in manufacturing and marketing Star Trek merchandise. Our enthusiasm for The Final Frontier consumes our daily thoughts, and it's a dream job for us to be able to make other Star Trek fans happy!


Our founder, John "Fraize" Frazier, has been a Trek fan since watching TOS reruns in 1973 as a kindergartener. "I remember playing with my Meego action-figures on the Enterprise Bridge playset with the spinning 'transporter.' The only thing I would make with my tinker toys was little Enterprises, and all of my high-school notebooks had little starships doodled in the margins. I was in deep."

Fraize took that enthusiasm to work with ThinkGeek. For nearly a dozen years, he was instrumental in many of the Star Trek merchandise made there. After ThinkGeek was folded in to GameStop, Fraize took his expertise on the road and found partners in Ukonic and Toynk to bring the same kind of fan-focus and honesty back to Star Trek fans worldwide.


Our 'Number One' and Comms Officer, Ella Pearson is a 2nd generation Trek fan. Her father, Scott Pearson, is a writer for Star Trek novels and articles, and the editor-at-large for all Star Trek in print. With Scott, Ella founded the Generations Geek podcast where they talk about fandom in general from the perspective of Gen-X and Millennials, exploring the differences and similarities in their approaches.

Ella brings her energy and expertise in social-media marketing to build our brand, and to encourage community within our various media channels. Whip-smart and with an easy laugh, Ella's mission is to give every fan of Star Trek a very human connection to Star Trek Unlimited.

The Crew

Star Trek Unlimited draws resources from its network of former coworkers, friends, and trusted associates. Contracting with designers, engineers, factory managers, and import managers too numerous to list here, Star Trek Unlimited is the distributed effort of hundreds of people.

Why We Do It

Star Trek has always been about inclusion. The Universe of the 23rd to 32nd centuries was one of hope that the future will be better through the collective effort of every species. It celebrates and delights in the differences in people, and it is from that perspective we draw our motivation.

Fans of Star Trek want to live in that Universe. Full stop. It's not enough to watch the shows and play with toys. We want to eat breakfast from plates we imagine could be used on a starship, we want to light our rooms with table lamps that look like a Risan fertility idol -- we believe cosplay isn't play, it's life.

We do what we do because Star Trek fans shouldn't just decorate with Star Trek. We want fans to live in Star Trek.

Our Credo

  1. Celebrate Star Trek enthusiastically, unreservedly, and inclusively.
  2. Be fans first, do business second.
  3. Never talk down to, belittle, or diminish anybody's fandom. All are welcome.
  4. Be bold. Be brave. Be courageous.