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About Star Trek Unlimited

Star Trek Unlimited is a partnership between manufacturer Ukonic based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and Toynk Toys, LLC of Illinois. The idea came from a conversation between the CEO of Ukonic and John "Fraize" Frazier - former Lead Buyer at ThinkGeek. In his capacity at ThinkGeek, Fraize was instrumental in developing Star Trek merchandise and championing the brand. After GameStop took over all operations at ThinkGeek, their interest in Star Trek dissolved, and a vacuum of sorts opened.

Fraize believed that a store dedicated to creating the weird and wonderful merchandise ThinkGeek used to make and focused entirely on Star Trek, would be an instant success. Having worked with CBS for years, Fraize leveraged his contacts to start brainstorming dozens of new items that would populate that store. 

The idea was presented to the CEOs of Toynk and Ukonic. Ukonic would use its manufacturing prowess to make high quality Star Trek merchandise, and Toynk would offer its already impressive catalogue of Star Trek product and fulfillment expertise to service the customers. 

The success of Star Trek Unlimited is up to you - the customer! We're only beginning to roll out dozens and dozens of new items. Some of which are in production, some are merely prototypes, some are just ideas on paper. Keep coming back to StarTrekUnlimited.com to see more and more of what we're working on, and we hope to fill your homes with weird and wonderful items from the Star Trek universe!