Frequently Asked Questions

Possibly, but first we'll need to have a release form signed. We're working on writing that release form now, so please don't send us any ideas until you've signed and returned the release form, first.

Our policy is to not accept unsolicited ideas until you've signed a release form.

We can't be responsible for every country's tax-collection. We can only process the cost of the item, and try hard to negotiate a fair shipping price between our warehouse and your destination. It will be your responsibility to pay the taxes your government charges to bring the item within its borders.

If you refuse the shipment, the item may be shipped back to us at our expense. We're a small operation, and absorbing those extra costs is not something we're able to do and remain in business for very long. Please be mindful and check in advance if your country will charge an import duty on your incoming item and prepare for it.

We do buy Star Trek merchandise from other sellers and resell it here so some items are available on Amazon and other retailers. We do our best to price-match Amazon, and offer free shipping to everyone on the continental USA (no Prime required) and the same no-hassle return policy.

What you get from buying from us is more Star Trek merchandise! The money we generate directly funds the development of more product which Amazon won't offer. Nothing we make will be made available on any other platform. By buying from us, you're directly supporting a team of people who will continue to contribute to Star Trek!