Federation News: Stardate 100851.18

April 3, 2023 - It's been a busy week at Star Trek Unlimited with new approvals coming for our LCARS Cutting Board, some activity in our follow-up to the Tom Paris Collectible Plate, and some fun new ideas coming from our Federation Innovation Program. 

But first, let's show off some new product we've just added to our catalog.


Licensing Update

New approvals and design notes came down from Paramount for some upcoming product. We've been designing some new kitchen items that feature the 25th-century era LCARS design which required some adjustment.

One was a glass cutting board originally designed late last year and featured 25th century style LCARS as seen in Star Trek: Picard. When we submitted the concept, we weren't allowed to use the Titan-A artwork, so we subbed in a Sovereign class starship instead. As we haven't gone to production yet, we thought we'd update it with more appropriate artwork.Titan-A The other LCARS designed item hasn't been concept approved, so we'll keep things hush-hush for now, but Paramount asked for a few changes before they could bless the designs. Keep reading future newsletters to learn more.

Lastly, we have the follow-up to the Tom Paris plate -- also in an unapproved state at this time, but our artist is making some tweaks to the artwork: "chin too pointy, uniform slightly the wrong color" that sort of thing. Our artist is hard at work making tweaks, but I guarantee you're going to love it!

Federation Innovation Program

You can submit your own product-ideas to us through our Federation Innovation Program. We love your creativity and seriously consider every one sent to us! Click this link to send us your own ideas! Here's a gem we recently received -- was this you?
I would like detailed globes of major trek planets. Vulcan, Andoria, etc... could be spinny or simply sit on a base But something shiny with the names of things. Would require a bit of research and help I'm sure. But that's my idea.
Interestingly, we kicked around a similar idea with Mike McMahan, but we were thinking beachballs!