Creation 55-Year Mission, Las Vegas

For those attending Creation's 55-Year Mission Tour, previously known as "Star Trek Las Vegas," Star Trek Unlimited will be appearing in the dealer room showing off some of our prototype items in varying stages of development!

Of course we'll have our infamous Tom Paris Collectible Plate on display, as well as several other hand-made pre-production prototypes and concepts. By the time you see them, the site will go live and you can sign up to show your interest in our many ideas!

We'd love your feedback and suggestions, and to just nerd out with everybody in attendance. Please note that mask-restrictions will be firmly enforced. Don't be offended if we ask to ensure your facemask covers your nose and your mouth - if our employees get sick while passing around cool ideas, it will delay or even cancel upcoming product, and nobody wants that.

If you are unable to attend, you can see everything we've got to see or to buy at our booth right here!

Looking forward to seeing you!