Creation 55 - Mission Report, Day One

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to meet so many new friends and fans at our little booth at Creation's 55-Year Mission! People were very supportive of our new venture, and offered praise and suggestions. 

Preview Night and Day One

Starting early with the Captain's Chair, Gold, and Copper-tier ticket buyers got to tour the dealer room before anybody else. I set up our booth in the corner of the Toynk Booth with the hope that people will walk into our booth rather than shuffling by, looking at what's on tables, but with only a few items on our table, there was little incentive to step inside.

Not the best layout

Not the best layout for inviting people inside, but it wouldn't be until Thursday that I decided to move the table out to make it more visible. Still, I had a nice view - directly across from Garret Wang's booth, I enjoyed watching his tireless interaction with fans. He definitely gets energized when talking with people. His booth was nearly constantly busy!

Wednesday, I worked the booth all day, and finally caught Noah Averbach-Katz whom you might know as Rynn the antennae-less Andorian from Discovery! He was walking up and down the aisle, clearly scanning left-and-right searching for something -- me? "Noah?" I yelled.

He stopped. "There you are! I was looking for you!" We've been joking on a twitter thread that I should smash the Tom Paris plate on his head, live on social-media, in an effort to go viral. I patiently told him that I only had the one plate, but more importantly, Noah's head was even more precious. Not for nothing, but his beloved wife Mary Wiseman probably wouldn't appreciate the concussion and/or stitches I'd probably give him.

He seemed visibly disappointed, but took it all in stride. We chatted for a bit and promised later to catch up when we weren't both so busy.

Later that evening, I was being encouraged by my social-media manager to launch the site early, instead of waiting for the following morning. I'll write all about that in the next blog post. Stay tuned!