Clear All Moorings, One-Quarter Impulse Power

Let's see what she's got...!

Starting anything from nothing is a difficult thing to do, and even though we've dreamed of this day for years, we're finally ready to take this starship out for a quick trip around the block.

Star Trek Unlimited was created with one goal in mind: Celebrating Star Trek fandom with honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm. Trek fans are passionate. We imagine ourselves piloting powerful ships through the cosmos, meeting new life-forms, visiting other worlds, and having adventures driven by science, exploration, and courage.

Star Trek merchandise should reflect that desire to live within the Star Trek universe! We want to create fun stuff that no one else would make: collectible plates of Tom Paris pulled directly from Lower Decks, table lamps shaped like a Horga'hn, personal storage crates that looked like they were pulled right out of the cargo-bay of the original Constitution Class Enterprise!

Our goal is to make cool stuff that, frankly, we would want for ourselves, and we think you're going to want some of that, too. Not just t-shirts with 'LIVE LONG AND PROSPER' on them, but laundry baskets that look like cargo drums, mood-lamps that look like federation starships, or kitchen storage decorated with in-universe Okudagrams! 

We're hard at work filling our stores with as many items as we can manufacture! New ideas come in every day, we're constantly sketching, prototyping, and refining them into workable product we know you're going to love! 

Making all that cool swag takes time, and until we start to roll out our new line of merchandise, we'll also be selling other manufacturers' merch. You'll find items from Ukonic, Fametek, Funko, Geeki Tikis, Quantum Mechanix, Diamond Select, and more!

Everything will be shipped free of charge to all customers within the Continental United States, and at the most reasonable shipping charges we can negotiate for everybody else. We'll accept every payment method we can, and do our best to make every customer interaction is the finest example a member of Starfleet can provide, even if we've never officially made it through the Academy ourselves.

Please stand by while we continue to enhance this store, grow our staff, build out amazing new product, and go boldly where no one has gone before!